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Introduction- ReactJS is a front-end library which is basically used to control the user interface of the web application. Initially developed by Google, it has now been widely used in maintaining WhatsApp and Instagram. It primarily changes the data components and patterns to customise the UI as per the requirements of developers. ReactJS is an efficient and declarative language for reusable user interface. It uses virtual DOM (Document object model) in contrast to real DOM so that changes can be done and upgraded in the virtual one. It doesn’t make changes in the whole HTML document rather than a small part of document is altered. So overall ReactJS is used with the intent of helping developers and organisations handle critical projects by making the readability of code easier. So, if you desire to be a versatile developer, then you must learn this framework from ReactJS training institute in Kolkata and open up to the endless possibilities of web development.

Why ReactJS has gained prominence in field of web development?

There has been great demand for ReactJS developers and experts in the recent years owing to surge of single page applications.

    It has gained momentum for producing dynamic web applications.
    It is quite easy to learn as anyone with background of JavaScript can master the fundamentals within timespan of few days.
    It involves handy set of tools which enables the developers to simplify their tasks.
    ReactJS has reusable components which helps to modify a part of HTML document or modification in virtual DOM can be done without loading original one.
    JavaScript is devoid of SEO and hence various search engines finds it difficult to access this script framework but ReactJS can run on the server so developers find it easier to navigate into the web pages.
    Since ReactJS have flexible libraries so developers can customise according to their needs and decide what they want and the job is done.
    With essential tools in kitty, the developers can test and debug the codes as the applications are operated faster.
                                                       Acesoftech Academy provides ReactJS trainings in Kolkata, you should enrol for the practical hands-on training course from Industry’s best certified professionals. We have small batch sizes to cater the attention of every aspiring developer.

Why should you learn ReactJS?

ReactJS has been the preferred front end JavaScript library for many developers now, thanks to its infrastructure and simplicity. As you dive deeper into web development as a developer, you will find that ReactJS is more robust and scalable solution for building interactive and dynamic web applications.

How ReactJS handles complex projects?

ReactJS is browser compliant so it is compatible with multiple browsers and since it has the benefit of reusability of code again and again, it thus greatly helps in faster loading of applications. It therefore aids developers in breaking down the components and edit it as per the criteria of web application which in turn reduces time and hence prevent the hassles of rework.

What you Will learn in ReactJS-

  • Component- you will learn about reusable components and how to compose it.
  • JSX- It is basically syntax extension of JavaScript and describe how UI looks like.
  • State- It helps you to keep track of data changes which takes place periodically in your application.
  • Isomorphic apps- It helps in usage of Server-side rendering (SSR) in development of isomorphic apps.
  • Redux- It helps in creating redux hooks for your application.
  • Efficient forms- Through the use of controlled and uncontrolled components, you will learn to use efficient forms.
  • Code sharing- Through reusability and code sharing, you can use high order components and Render props.

Criteria for enrolment-

For head start to the ReactJS course, the budding developers must have fundamental knowledge of HTML and JavaScript concepts.

Designations of professionals-

  • Web developers with ReactJS
  • ReactJS mobile app developers
  • Full stack developer
  • User interface production with ReactJS

Get started with ReactJS- According to the recent statistics, approx. 69 % of developers uses ReactJS and it is the most versatile framework used by top notch companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, BBC etc. With an annual average salary of $108,175, you can master the art of deploying dynamic front end applications such as architecture, declarative views, universal apps and much more. So, get ready to explore the world of web development by joining course from ReactJS training centre in Kolkata which is at par with latest advancements in the field.

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