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Introduction- In current times of pandemic, everyone has taken their business online be it large scale or small scale. The mobile apps,web and desktop apps are necessity in current scenario as it is the core of every business . So, the developers in the field of web development are in great demand as every organisation rely on mobile apps to operate and expand their business. So if you are interested in the web and aspire to become a full stack developer and be proficient in core languages, then you must obtain Mern stack training in Kolkata to enhance your career prospects.


About Mern stack

Before you dig deeper into Mern stack course, you must be fully aware of what a stack is? A stack is a collection of three tier technologies namely front-end technology, back-end technology and database. Now it will be easier to understand Mern stack which is a combination of four technologies – MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js. The beauty of Mern stack is that only JavaScript can handle all these frameworks

Components of MERN Stack-

 MERN STACK- It is the rapidly growing framework which helps in building dynamic web applications and also comprises of four components-

  1. MongoDB – It is the vast database which stores document based JSON files.
  2. Express.js- It is the rapid web framework which is used in Node.js.
  3. React.js- It is the server-side JS library which is used for creating dynamic user interfaces.
  4. Node.js-It provides runtime environment for JavaScript and brings it to the server and its built-on Chrome V8 engine.

How it works?

Let us understand how the technology of Mern stack actually works?


  • React.js is the declarative framework of JS and helps in creating appealing client-side applications .it has the knack of simplifying complex components into simple ones and connect the data to the back-end development.
  • Express.JS and Node.js – this tier work in tandem with each other and displays the same function as mentioned in the above Mean stack development.
  • MongoDB- It is the document-based database and performs same function in MERN stack as it is mentioned in the above one.

Criteria for selection in course-

  • Entry level professionals
  • Web developers
  • UI designers
  • Professionals looking to broaden their horizon
  • Entrepreneurs for creating apps for their ventures.


What is Mern stack training?

Mern stack is the extensive programming language that is used by front end developers for mainly web designing. It is primarily used for building active and dynamic web applications. So if you are really passionate for building mobile and desktop apps, then you must obtain certification from Mern stack training centre in Kolkata.

 Why choose Mern stack training course?

Acesoftech Academy provides well executed Mern stack training course by experts according to the requirements of top industries. It focusses on training students to build powerful application at robust speed. The training course provides real time scenario of the major enterprises and aids trainees in simulating the real environment with absolute clarity. Using actual software helps the students to understand the concepts practically. It makes them ready to look out for job in an MNC as Mern stack professional. The placement cell at Acesoftech Academy assist students in providing mock interviews, soft skill training workshops and aptitude sessions to face any kind of job interview with complete confidence and secure their position in top notch industries. It simply converts amateur programmer into a thorough Mern stack professional by providing in depth knowledge of software programming language.


Getting started with Mern stack-

A full stack professional is in demand nowadays and the companies are not shying away from recruiting the most talented professionals even at higher salaries. According to Glassdoor,an average salary is expected to be around ₹6,23,920  per annum which can be increased exponentially regarding factors and it is not only about understanding HTML and CSS but a Mern stack professional must also know how to program a server, browser and database. So, start your adventurous journey by enrolling for Mern stack training institute in Kolkata and get practical training from industry experts which is at par with latest advancements in the field of web and technology.


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