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Introduction- Today the world is dominated by applications and whether you want to order food from a restaurant, book tickets for travel or movie or apply for any job, all you need is an app for your android mobile. The usage of apps will increase greatly in the future as the technology has become the cornerstone of everyone lives. With the advent of artificial intelligence and Machine learning, it is inevitable that applications would become more and more advanced so if you are interested in web development and have flair for it, it is beneficial to learn programming languages like Kotlin which is extensively used in Android app development process.

Kotlin training in Kolkata is a comprehensive program which helps the learners to understand the fundamentals of Kotlin programming language and build apps like a pro and deploy them at the play store.


What is Kotlin and what are its advantages?

Kotlin is an object oriented statically typed programming language created by JetBrains. In comparison to Java, it uses less code and it also supports various functional programming features. Moreover, it is also focussed on safety, clarity, tooling support and interoperability and what’s more- it can be compiled into JavaScript. Various benefits of learning Kotlin are-

  • Compactness
  • Reduction in the total number of boilerplate codes
  • Enhances code readability
  • Reduces the number of bugs and errors
  • Robust type of interface


Kotlin training curriculum highlights-

The Kotlin training course in Kolkata is devised by Expert Kotlin developers and curated the content so that you can learn the fundamentals of Kotlin with ease and comfort. Some major highlights are-

  1. You will learn to comprehend the basic knowledge and further integrate with Java.
  2. Get familiar with libraries such as Dexter, Retrofit and Google places.
  3. Understand the usage of Kotlin with Android SDK.
  4. Understanding of Arrays, Arrays lists and Collections.
  5. Up to date knowledge of variables, collections, classes, strings and inheritance.
  6. Get acquainted with activity life cycle, intents and context.
  7. You will be capable of designing, testing and deployment of any web, desktop or mobile app using Kotlin.


Acesoftech Academy is one of the top Kotlin training institute in Kolkata which provides extensive training on fundamental concepts of Kotlin and the tutors guide the learners with numerous insights and tips. You can choose to have online class or live LED training as per your needs. The tutors are industry experts which help you to increase their skill set and enrich your knowledge.


Why Choose Acesoftech Academy?

At Acesoftech Academy, you will be given 24x7 customer support to resolve your doubts and queries. Real time projects will be undertaken to make you job ready for the MNC’s in the IT sector. You will also be given the opportunity to work in real time projects to understand Kotlin from a deeper perspective and finally a certification will be issued at the end of course. The placement cell will prepare you to face technical interviews with mock interviews to bolster your confidence.


Who should pursue the course?

Kotlin is a simple programming language backed up by Google and its extensively used in Android app development process. So, whether you are software Engineer, Project Manager, Budding developer, student passionate for programming or basically anyone can avail the course as it is affordable and better than the rest of the institutes offering the same course with utmost quality. So, decide today and register yourself as the seats are limited.


Job opportunities after course completion-

There are many popular websites which were created using the Kotlin programming language and few of them are Evernote, Twitter,Pinterest,Reddit and Trello. The job roles which are designated in organisational set ups are Kotlin developer and Android Kotlin developer. According to Payscale.com,the average base pay of Android Kotlin developer is around ₹7,20,000 per annum. So, it is important that you enrol for the course in Acesoftech Academy which is currently the best Kotlin training centre in Kolkata and certainly you can reach new heights in your career with your hard work and our support. So, what are you waiting for? Start today!

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