Introduction- With the advent of internet and new applications, it is no denying the fact that technology will rule the world in the future, so as individual you must have required knowledge of programming languages so that you can understand the app development process and provides innovative solutions in the industry which would solve complex problems of web development process.

jQuery training in Kolkata is a full-fledged program to aid learners with the fundamentals of jQuery such as syntaxes, jQuery Ajax, jQuery traversing and events. Our trainers will help you work more effectively in real time projects which are industry oriented and would help you plunge in the web development world with absolute confidence.

What is jQuery and what are its immeasurable benefits?

jQuery is a fast small feature rich library of JavaScript. It helps in making HTML document susceptible to manipulation and traversal. It has simpler API’s which can operate across multiple browsers and which make event handling, Ajax and animation easy to use. jQuery offers a great deal of flexibility and power to the web designers and it has host of benefits-

  • jQuery is quite popular because of its simplicity and ease of use. With these you will find endless list of resources and there will never be shortage of resources.

  • Because of its simplicity and open coding standards, it takes overall less time for designers to create a website or an application

  • jQuery syntax is clean and powerful as it is common to use a single jQuery codebase for dozen lines of JavaScript. It also makes use of version 3 of CSS for arranging elements without learning a new syntax.

  • Since it’s an open source so anyone can access it free of cost without license or compatibility problems.

  • It is a powerful SEO practice which helps in embedding jQuery elements through the use of unordered lists.

jQuery syllabus-

  1. You need to be proficient in JavaScript, CSS and HTML

  2. You will be quickly introduced to the jQuery coding and creating content in a dynamic manner.

  3. You will understand the fundamentals of jQuery and code editor settings.

  4. You will learn about handling events, selectors and replacing content.

  5. Understand the hover effects, toggle, custom animations and fading.

  6. Overview on basic and advanced selectors and filters.

  7. Creating, inserting and modifying content by navigating the DOM and changing the CSS.

Acesoftech Academy is one of the top jQuery training institute in Kolkata which provides indispensable training to learners with the current version of jQuery. Our trainers have extensive experience in the field of jQuery and have designed course structure which matches the standards of industry so the learners have an upper edge over their counterparts.

Why choose Acesoftech Academy?

We at Acesoftech Academy provides 24x7 customer support to learners so that all their queries and doubts gets resolved with the least amount of time and efforts. Moreover, you are provided training certificate on the completion of course which would upsurge the value of your CV. We also provide placement assistance to the learners at the end of course with mock interviews so that students can confidently face the tough interviews of MNC’s. We make you expert jQuery professional and train you in different programming languages and frameworks. So, what are you waiting for? Get enrolled for jQuery course in Kolkata and give wings to your dreams of becoming a developer.

Who can avail the course?

With more and more companies turning to jQuery for fast and secure websites, it is advisable that everyone should pursue jQuery training course in Kolkata because building dynamic websites is the need of hour. Whether you are in a job or business, a robust website is required to represent your brand .

Job opportunities after jQuery course-

JavaScript is the scripting language which opens up to the world of endless opportunities and learning jQuery will be highly advantageous given the job openings in this field. You can find various job openings at Indeed, Monster and Naukri.com. So, it would be wise decision to avail jQuery course from Acesoftech Academy which is currently the best jQuery training centre in Kolkata and become a certified jQuery professional and attain leading job posts in the top-notch companies. Start today!

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