Introduction- In today’s world of digitization, it is important to keep abreast of the latest advancements in the IT sector and technology. Since the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the programming is becoming hotter with each passing day. Whether you belong to an IT background or not, coding certainly has revolutionised the world after the onset of pandemic covid 19. Various research studies have shown that the demand of web developers will continue to rise in the coming years and it would not be incorrect to call it futuristic era where technology will become the centre point of everyone lives. So efficiency in one of the languages in programming be it python or Java is pre requisite to anyone who even wants to rely on software for their routine tasks.
Java training in Kolkata is a comprehensive program designed to help budding developers understand the deeper aspect of most important language, that is Java. This course combined with practical classes and live projects will prepare you to deal with the challenges encountered in programming so that new innovative and creative solutions can be provided as the industry has become highly unpredictable so you must test the waters before entering the arena of web development,

What is Java and why to go for the course?

Java is an object-oriented programming language and its less complex than C or C++. Java is one language that works with (WORA)that is, Write once run anywhere. If you want to embrace the challenges of web development then you must learn the essentials of Java. Developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995, it has undergone many changes in its version in the last few years and now it is maintained by Oracle. Java is quite popular because of its unique features of having own API and run time environment and it is independent of platform. You cannot expect apps and websites to run smoothly if you don’t have java installed in your computer. 
Since number of apps which are dependent on Java are increasing steadily and it doesn’t need compilation every time so you must learn the basic fundamentals from Acesoftech Academy, which is the best Java training centre in Kolkata so that you stay one step ahead from your counterparts.

Java training syllabus-

At Acesoftech academy we train you to become efficient web developer by teaching you to create safe and dynamic programs. After the installation of JDK in your computer, you will be sequenced to data types and further move on to more advanced concepts in Java. You will learn about-

  • Introduction to java programming language.

  • Declarations, primitive data types and methods

  • Control flow statements and implementation of loops

  • Encapsulation, Polymorphism and inheritance methods

  • Exception errors and its types.

  • Strings and generics in Java.

  • Output and input in java.

  • Constructors and its implementation

  • Threaded and non-threaded applications

  • Applets and access modifiers

  • Serialization of objects.

Why choose Acesoftech Academy?

We offer you excellent training knowledge with our customised support which is available 24x7. Our classes can be online or offline and it can tailor as per your schedules. If one doesn’t work, you can also switch to live LED instructor training. You will get guaranteed 100 % placement support at the end of completion of course and we assure you that by live projects and mock interviews by our expert corporate professionals. So stop thinking and take action now!

Career scope and basic job roles-

With the support of certification course in Java from Acesoftech Academy will land you up in possible job roles with attractive salary and perks in the most reputed companies such as Wipro,Infosys and Microsoft .You can work in these companies as-

  • Software Engineers

  • Web Developer

  • Web Project Manager

  • Application developer.

Job opportunities after Java training-

According to the source Glassdoor,the average base pay of Java Developer is around ₹5 L  per annum. There are various other parameters such as experience, solution-oriented mindset and job location that affect the salary structure. So, enrol for the most demanding skillset in web development from Acesoftech Academy, which is currently the top Java training institute in Kolkata and give new heights to your career and you will be amazed with your stupendous success in the IT sector. Register today!

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