Introduction- In the field of technology, applications such as Android and iOS are among the most prominent apps being used worldwide and in every domain of business. So, it is evident that online business and applications will be in greater demand in the coming years. Programming is exciting and advantageous for anyone who loves taking on challenges and have a solution-oriented mindset.
iOS training in Kolkata is an excellent training program which is designed to guide budding developers towards learning to create iOS apps which has powerful user interface and plenty of features. With certification as an iOS developer, you will be instantly hired in top MNC’s companies and the training program will give new heights to your career.

What is iOS and what are its benefits?

iOS is an operating system created by software giant Apple and it is the medium for operation of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. iOS is not an open-source operating system in mobiles which makes it resistant to attacks of virus and other malicious activities. It has varied features such as drag and drop, split view features, sliding over, multitasking and many more. There have been several versions of iOS and the recently launched is iOS 12.


  • Faster software updates.

  • Compatible user interface

  • High end security

  • Supports Multitasking

Syllabus of iOS training course-

  • Introduction of XCode tools.

  • Introduction of compilers

  • Features of Mac and iOS versions

  • Creating OOPS in objective C

  • Creating methods and properties

  • Forming simple applications

  • Learning lifecycle of applications

  • Preservation of UI state

To avail the best benefit,you must enrol for the certification course in Kolkata which is provided by Acesoftech Academy,which is by  far the best iOS training centre in Kolkata which aims to prepare students in such a way that they contribute manifolds in the vast field of web development and IT sector.In contrast to other training institutes in Kolkata,Acesoftech Academy charges nominal fee for the training course and believes in adding value to the industry. 

Why choose Acesoftech Academy?

We at Acesoftech Academy provides job-oriented training to the individuals who are interested in pursuing their career as an iOS developer. With the Apple products ruling over the IT sector in the past few years, it is certain that the demand for iOS developers will be on rise and there will be huge competition as the top MNC’s will recruit the best candidates having knack of great programming skills and an open headed approach towards the problems and challenges of the software industry. The students will get the benefit of choosing classes as per their own requirements whether it be classroom, online or instructor LED live training . You will get the advantage of resolving your queries through 24x7 customer support. Even after the completion of training, you will be get accredited certificate which would add value to your resume. So, what are you waiting for? Start now!

Who should join the course for iOS?

iOS apps are easy and simple to operate and presents with high security features. Moreover, with its powerful user interface, everyone wants to own an apple product. Whether you ate a student, an entrepreneur or a software engineer or even a homemaker, you can take advantage of this course and explore your programming skills and since the future belongs to software and automation . Learning iOS technology will certainly give you upper edge over your counterparts and you can stand out among the rest.

Job opportunities as an iOS developer-

According to source Glassdoor,the average base pay for an iOS developer is around ₹6,00,000 per annum. Although there are several other factors such as experience, location which is considered while deciding the salary structure. So as a whole an iOS developer will grab opportunities in proportion to his hard work and real time projects. With Acesoftech Academy, you will really standout as an efficient developer which can provide innovative solutions to the unpredictable situations and spearhead the booming It industry with its extensive skill set. So, enrol for the certification course from the top iOS training institute in Kolkata and create virtual world of exciting possibilities and most important have fun with the apps and programming. So decide yourself and take charge of your career.

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