Freelance bidding and Project Management training

Introduction-Since the advent of pandemic, freelancing platforms have become a powerful medium for getting jobs and earning decent salary. Various platforms such as Fiverr,Upwork,Guru and Freelancer provides ample opportunities to those looking to make their mark in a specific niche. Work from home has become new normal for everyone as covid has imposed physical limitations but new ways of working have overtaken the ride and now every business needs the knowledge of internet to kickstart their journey. Whether you want to work as an individual or you want to start your new venture, you must learn freelancing and bidding skills to understand how things work in the industrial market.

Freelance bidding and project management training in Kolkata is a comprehensive program designed to aid learners in the skill of freelancing and project management. It will allow the students to take charge of their careers and will help them find a new passion and purpose.

What is Freelancing bidding and project management and how it works?

Freelance bidding is the mechanism which is similar to auction in real estates where bidders compete for auctioned property. So, in freelance bidding, the client will put up the project on the website and the freelance will bid for the said project by writing compelling bid to showcase its potential skills. This can also be called as reverse auction where the buyer puts up the bidding project and the seller puts forth best efforts to win the bid. The management of project depends upon the credibility of freelancer and its timely delivery of the quality work. So here are various benefits to take up freelancing-

  1. Its two-way process both for clients and freelancers as freelancers can promote themselves actively and bags the desired projects rather than waiting for job applications.

  2. Clients have the advantage of working with dedicated professionals as they don’t have to browse the entire marketplace.

What you will learn in the freelance training?

You will be trained for the following platforms –


  1. How to create account on it?

  2. Understanding of user settings and Dashboard.

  3. How to apply for bidding?

  4. How to create milestones?

  5. Escrow and payment system

  6. How to resolve disputes?

  7. How to deal with fraud clients?

  8. How to get good reviews?


  1. How to setup unique account?

  2. How to write winning proposals?

  3. Understand the pros and cons of hourly and fixed price projects.

  4. How to maintain account settings and get verified?

  5. How to build trust with your clients and standout among rest?

  6. Tips and tricks to bag high category projects?

  7. How to improve JSS score?


  1. How to setup Fiverr account?

  2. How to create winning gigs?

  3. How to make your presence at Fiverr?

  4. Understand the settings of your account.

  5. How to ensure that the account doesn’t get blocked?

  6. Understanding payment gateway

Please understand that this is the general curriculum of the freelancing course. Apart from that you will be acquainted with several tricks which are usually not known to the beginner. Acesoftech Academy is one of the best Freelance bidding and project management training institute in Kolkata where you will be definitely be several steps ahead of your counterparts. The trainers have vast experience and will handheld you throughout the training process. You will get quality training at affordable rates.

Why Choose Acesoftech Academy?

We have been providing extensive training to the students since 2008 and the institute has great reputation of producing impeccable trainees which have been placed in top notch companies. We provide 24x7 customer support to our learners and they get certified upon completion of training. The duration of course will be about one month and classes would be conducted 2 days a week and it can be online or classroom depending upon your availability.

About the Trainer-

This training will be provided by CEO of Acesoftech Academy Mr Umar Rahman. He has marvellous experience in the field of freelancing and bidding and can make a complete novice into a successful bidder. His stint with freelancing started in 2008 and has worked on many freelancing platforms . He has trained more than 400 students in different parts of country and most of them are at reputed positions. So enrol for Acesoftech Academy which is top freelance and project management training centre in Kolkata and give new wings to your dreams

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