Flutter training course in Kolkata

Introduction- In today’s scenario, one cannot imagine running a business whether it be small scale or large scale, without the usage of mobile apps which provides comfort and convenience to their consumers and making their lifestyle easier and simpler than ever before. Moreover in this fast paced lifestyle, speed and quality ranks top. So in order to maintain these two attributes, new development techniques are being implemented every hour to improve the experience of mobile user. . SO the programmer must keep on evolving for creating quality mobile and web apps and flutter is one such language which is gaining prominence since its introduction in 2017 due to its remarkable features.

Synopsis of Flutter-   
 Developed by Google,Flutter is an open source framework which uses single codebase to develop applications on cross platform such as Android,iOS and web. It uses dart ,which is an object oriented programming language to build dynamic apps. Now you must be curious to know how Flutter and Dart are in sync with each other? Flutter is icon based UI library which has various widgets such as text boxes, blocks and buttons  which are used to customize the application as required. So one can imagine Flutter as front side UI where development takes place and Dart as back side in which the necessary block of code is generated automatically.
As a programmer,you need to find out simplest route to most complex problems and that’s why its necessary to learn flutter. 

Why should you learn flutter?

Use of Dart language- Dart is an object oriented programming language which is used along with flutter .Flutter as compared to its contemporaries React Native and Xamarin works well with cross platforms. This constitutes three layers in which one is tool(React ),other is bridge(JavaScript) and another is native environment so all these reduces  the speed and quality . The Skia Engine handles the internal aspect and compiles the code without any software.  The Skia Engine in Dart also renders graphics which makes user interface beautiful with icons and perfect alignment and makes the running of animations in the app smooth and easy.
 Dart is definitely giving tough competition as OOP language and its collaboration with flutter has skyrocketed its demands.
Available on multiple IDE’s- An integrated development environment is a software which is a collection of various components such as source code editor,debugger,compiler and interpreter which initiates the development process of various apps. IDE has taken the development process to whole new dimension and thus Flutter language has two main source code editors such as Android studio and VS code which allows programmers to avail different IDE’s  with respect to different preferences with the support of plugins.


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