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Introduction- With the evolution of internet, the traditional marketing methods have no significance as it has vaguely been replaced by digital marketing which offers certain tools and techniques which has made business thriving at a robust rate. When the world was reeling under Covid 19, the digital companies flooded the market as most of the countries experienced lockdown which created unrest in the market as the clients would no longer continue advertising their products and services in physical manner. With the new normal post covid and digitization of platforms, it becomes highly crucial that you acquire the skills of digital marketing such as email marketing,search engine optimisation,link building, pay per click(PPC) and promotion of websites. Devoting time in learning the skills of digital marketing is worth the effort and time as it will open up the world of possibilities for you and will place at an upper edge over others. So, it is recommended that you must enrol for digital marketing course in Kolkata and take your career to next level and attract the attention of top companies.

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to promoting products and services on social media platforms to impart information and knowledge related to products to increase consumer’s reach and hence optimize the chances of conversion thereby attracting huge profits for the particular organization. It is a unique strategy that gets the advantage of analytics and with the help of analytics you can modify your strategic approach and create more opportunities and more ROI. 
So in order to train yourself it is especially important that you must join Acesoftech Academy that will handhold right from training to the placement in top companies.The practical sessions will give you deeper understanding of the course and the live projects will bring you at par with the latest advancements in the web development field.

What you’ll learn in Acesoftech Academy?

At Acesoftech Academy, which is one of the best digital marketing training center in Kolkata you will be given precise curriculum regarding the training course of digital marketing so that you can grasp the essence of every module which is as follows-

  • Introduction to the world of marketing.

  • Campaign of digital marketing.

  • Graphic designing

  • Framework of internet.

  • Building of websites.

  • On page SEO.

  • Off page SEO.

  • Modules of email marketing.

  • Search Engine marketing.

  • Analysis of websites.

  • Affiliate marketing.

  • You tube analytics and monetization.

With our unique training,stir up your creativity and freely apply your skills to pull out marketing strategies to promote any brand or product related to any business sector or organization.Even if you have not been a technical person throughout your career but still willing to pursue career in It ,then digital marketing is the right course for you. All you need is basic understanding of internet and you can have a fulfilling and rewarding career in the space of IT. As the demand of digital marketers is on rise,then you should weigh your options and wisely decide upon the institution which can provide you ample opportunities to give head start as a programmer. 

Why digital marketing in Acesoftech Academy?

  • Trainers at Acesoftech Academy are certified with extensive experience in field of digital marketing. Rest you are assured of quality training with affordable fees.

  • The training module is designed by top notch experts which also have hands on exercises to gain deeper insights into the course..

  • At Acesoftech ,you have access to E learning and you can have recorded sessions of the modules so that one can imbibe and revise the concepts after the classes as well.

  • To enhance learning curve,we have a blend of instructor led training,E – learning and class room training so that students have can comphrehensive experience.

  • Acesoftech Academy provides support even after completion of training and students can clearc their doubts through forums on social media.

Who should pursue?

  • Students

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Startups

  • Working professionals

  • Housewives

Job opportunities after the course-

  • You can start blog or create website.

  • You can small /medium digital marketing business.

  • You can create an app or launch your own channel

  • You can also work as freelancer or consultant.

             If you are looking to upskill yourself with the right course,then you must certainly choose Acesoftech Academy which is one of the top Digital marketing training institute in Kolkata and enrol for the classes now and you will have ample opportunities your way.So decide and register today.

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