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Introduction- The internet and technology has revolutionised the lives of many people. Post Covid, education and other basic things have undergone transformation and many platforms opened up new avenues and broaden the horizon of digital technology. In this quickly changing world, it is important to stay abreast of the new programming languages being invented to upgrade the standardised apps.

C++ training in Kolkata is a comprehensive program which helps in preparing the learners to deal with new challenges in the field of web development. So, its highly recommended that you enrol for the course to give new heights to your career and accomplish your goal of becoming of top software developer.

What is C++ and what are its advantages?

C++ is the mother of all programming languages and it’s a general-purpose coding language which was created as the extension of C language by Bjarne Stroustrup. It possess many Since it is object oriented,it allows to diversify features of lower level functionality such as communication and memory management and high level functionality such as structure definition and user interface functionality.

Various advantages are-

  • It is highly used for developing desktop apps,games,operating systems and browsers.

  • Developers are flexible while working with C++ as it has seven different styles of programming languages.

  • After learning the C++ language,you will be able to understand the internal structure of computer and how it stores and receive information.

  • It becomes quite easy to learn Java and Python after learning C++.

  • Since it is object oriented,it helps to break complex problems into smaller ones with the help of objects.

C++ training curriculum-

  1. Creating and debugging program on C++.

  2. Understanding of type conversions,constants,expressions and operators.

  3. If and else statements and looping

  4. Learning inline functions,prototyping and passing arguments.

  5. Initialising arrays,multidimensional and character arrays.

  6. Creating objects,class initialization, new and delete operators.

  7. Overloading of operator and assignment.

  8. Learn virtual functions,base classes and exception handling.

  9. Understand classes linked with objects.

  10. Learn to implement decision making and switch cases if the statements do not execute properly.

Acesoftech Academy is one of the top C++ training centre in Kolkata where learners have the flexibility to choose their options of classes according to their suitability. Our trainers have years of experience in C++ and can train the students to ace any kind of interview conducted by IT and software companies. By focussing more on practical concepts, students become high on confidence.

Why choose Acesoftech Academy?

Acesoftech Academy trains the students by honing their skills in IT field by actual implementation of concepts of C++. We also provide 24x7 customer support to the learners and handheld them thoroughout the training by providing instant solutions to their queries and doubts. Since Acesoftech Academy is accredited and acclaimed by most global companies,the students gets placed immediately after completion of training . Moreover, the placement cell also provides mock tests and interviews to instill confidence among the learners. So without thinking further,enroll yourself in the Academy and kickstart your journey of building a strong foundation in an IT field.

Who should avail the C++ training?

C++ is one language that can create anything regarding software. It compiles IDE and and it is the fastest way through any software can be executed by CPU. So therefore, it should be learned by everyone. Whether you are from technical background or non-technical background,it is highly recommended to learn C++ as it forms the core of software companies. This is a skill which will never go out of fashion.

Job opportunities after learning C++-

There is plethora of job vacancies available after learning C++ and the demand for developers in this field is increasing every day. According to the source payscale.com,the average base pay of C++ developer is around ₹4,97,010 per annum . It is expected that no of vacancies will be on continuous rise in coming years. So its high time that enrol C++ training course from Acesoftech Academy,which is one of the best training institute in Kolkata and upsurge your career . So why wait? Enrol today!

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