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AngularJS is an open-source framework for dynamic web applications. At present, is it controlled by Google and aids programmers to write front end applications in a Model View Controller manner. HTML is deployed for providing the primary structure of website but with the addition of AngularJS it can be made more interactive and dynamic so basically It helps to produce single page applications (SPA) in a proper way and is highly congruent with other libraries. During web application development process, the Java Script can be used to alter the structure content as per workflow and functionality requirements. So as a programmer, you must enrol for Angular training in Kolkata and get noticed by top recruiters.

Why choose AngularJS for web projects?

There are couple of reasons why AngularJS is efficient for handling web projects- 


Angular Applications maintains greater security as they are created by Typescript language which is also a superscript for JS.  During maintenance tasks or code writing this language is helpful in minimising errors at the earliest. Type script is not independent language unlike Dart or Coffee Script.It provides smooth navigation and refactoring services for the user and it can relatively debug code in the browser. The biggest advantage is that the user can choose to withdraw its inbuilt features whenever required.

MVC Framework -

Angular works with MVC software design patten but this doesn’t meet the requirements of established standards setup. MVC consist of three parts:

Model- It is primarily used for managing application data and responds to the request of view and controller

View-   It acts on the final decision made by controller and presents the updated data to the user.

Controller- It entertains the request of user and give its final validation by making necessary modifications on model and command the user to display customised data as per the needs of app.It thus becomes really important to join Angular training institute in Kolkata and obtain hands on training for building your portfolio.


Angular and MVVM work closely with each other to ensure development of apps as it reduces the excess need of coding thereby makes reading and updating of value in the system pointless. The client-side developers are not burdened with less code and efficient faster apps. According to recent statistics by Amazon, there has been spike in revenue with every 100 - millisecond efficiency in page loading rate as the users enjoy enriching experience.


Modules can be used to define the functionalities of applications and it acts like vessel for services, directives, controller helps to link many components and separates these components from code thus maintaining clean stack of code. Modules allow for faster loading on -demand or in the background which in turns improves the productivity of developers and highly efficient modules are produced with adequate understanding.

Continuous code-

During the development of web application, it is highly crucial for the code to be consistent as it offers several benefits which includes high readability and efficient navigation of site by user but if the code is inconsistent then it leads to higher cost and delayed launching of apps and ultimately poor experience.
Just as the writer ensures consistent piece of information in their content without any lag, in the same vein coding must be continuous for smooth functioning of apps so that user can be in sync with the info on the app so that they stick to that and leads to higher ROI. 

Embark on your journey of web developer

As per current sources, there will be increase in demand of developers trained in Angular language   so it becomes highly important that you must obtain practical training from Angular training centre in Kolkata. At Acesoftech, the learning environment is phenomenal and friendly which helps students to be comfortable in the atmosphere We are equipped with best professionals in the industry who are ready to guide at every step. We ensure job focused curriculum and easy to imbibe study material which will have you navigate through the journey of becoming web developer.  The learning environment is phenomenal and friendly which helps students to be comfortable in the atmosphere. The content course is structured according to the standards so that the students aspiring to become web developers doesn’t fall short of rapidly evolving JavaScript framework. Acesoftech Academy bridges the gap between academics and web development industry by providing internships so that students gain insights into real life setups and become skilled developers

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