Which Web Development is better? PHP or Java?

Which Web Development is better? PHP or Java?

PHP of Python, Java or Net, PHP or Java, which programing language is better? If you want to debate on this, it will go on endless. Whichever pair you choose doesn’t matter; the main thing is there will always be two parties that will fight against each other, claiming its superiority.

There is nothing like good and bad language; it's all about a language and the required task. Not every language is best for every task. In this article, we will clear this concept using a pair of two popular programming languages - Java and PHP. So, let’s get started.

Comparison between PHP and Java

We will compare some features of two famous languages: Java and PHP.

Language Types and its purposes

PHP and Java both are object-oriented and open-source languages.  PHP is like a server-side framework, specially built to develop websites, but now it can be used for multipurpose. PHP aimed to build web applications or dynamic sites.

Java also produces dynamic web applications but only for general-purpose, composed programming language. It aims to enable a writing code that can perform in different languages.  This code works with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in every device.

PHP runs an on-the-go: code transmitted to the interpreter, converted into the machine's language, and finally executed.

Whereas a compiled language, Java works like this: source code is reduced into a binary language; therefore, JVM can access it, then a device’s operating system adapts it.

But there are a few opposing sides also. Making changes in the code is hard and supporting and upgrading. These operations appear difficult with the compiled languages because the code must be re-compiled after every change.

Therefore, PHP appears to be easier and handier to edit. There are several PHP Training center in Kolakata  which provides advanced and Industrail PHP course.

The Development time and its cost

The important thing for a business is to produce a quality product faster and cheaper in the market. And on this point, PHP grabbed a number as it succeeded in doing so. PHP launches its software development on budget and in less time, and it costs less than Java.

But we can't deny the fact that some business tasks require Java's help to solve.

So, relying on cost and speed, you can't decide which language is better.



PHP and Java, both programming languages, can develop fast and robust software. When a Java-based application is launched, it appears slow during installation, and at the same time, PHP remains stable in every stage.

So, PHP will be better if there is wide data to be processed or have sophisticated solutions.


IN this generation, data became part of everything. A team of experienced web developers can easily find a secure solution for any language, whether Java or PHP.

But Java has been safer and has many tools to empower its security, and Java does not support low-level programming to protect PC.

That is why PHP-based application supports shared hosting, but Java does not do that. In Java, dedicated hosting is required.


Both the programming languages are quite primitive and have been used widely, and they have a good choice of frameworks, libraries, and tools.

Still, Java stands ahead of the other one. Java offers greater debugging tools or richer APIs, and it accommodates several external platforms.


PHP and Java differ in approaching web app development which defines their speciality in particular goals.

Java is preferred for complex, and big projects as its security system can easily use third-party API (e.g. bank or supply industry). On the other hand, PHP is cheaper, faster, and perfect for small businesses. If you want to get Java Training in Kolkata you can learn from here

To simplify these two languages' comparison, we have combined some significant features.


  • Interpreted
  • Evolved on server
  • General-purpose, however, built for web development
  • Low-cost to maintain and develop
  • Easier to customize and recreate
  • Faster web pages
  • Best for medium or small projects


  • Compiled
  • Performed on client’s device
  • General-purpose
  • Higher security level
  • Better debugging instruments
  • Richer API’s
  • Great speed in complex apps
  • Best for wide projects

Final words

Before choosing a language, we would like to suggest that, before choosing a language, make sure you have understood your business. The requirements tasks of a business will decide which programming language it needs.. If you are looking for PHP Training institue in Kolkata then Acesoftech Academy will be your best choice.

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